Kristina Maury


Kristina Maury is the author of Liquor Lollipops and the founder of Luxe Lollies , a Los Angeles-based business that specializes in gourmet, handcrafted lollipops with an emphasis on custom creations. Kristina has custom designed lollipops for several big companies including Victoria’s Secret, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Christian Louboutin, ESSIE, L’Occitaine & Vueve Clicquot. Her products have been featured in numerous publications including Southern Weddings Magazine and Industry magazine Candy & Snack Today included Luxe Lollies in a list of businesses “thriving in the customized” candy industry.

Kristina gets her inspiration from fashion and beauty trends, cocktails, desserts and interior design. She is inspired by the concept of taking items usually associated with childhood and making them more sophisticated. She is passionate about inspiring others to start their own gourmet food business and enjoys blogging on the subject. For more information visit