The Sustainable Kitchen Essential For Your Holiday Baking & Candy Making

The kitchen tool you didn’t know you needed: The Silicone Baking Mat! Pair your favorite holiday recipes made with LorAnn’s delicious flavors with a silicone baking mat so that your culinary creations look and taste their best at the holiday table. If you’re a baking professional or confectioner who does a lot of baking and […]

The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Gummies

Gummies are all the rage these days. From traditional gummy bears and worms to elaborate shapes, exotic flavors, and functional additives, children and adults alike are drawn to this sweet, squishy treat. LorAnn’s Gummy mix makes it easy to customize your own gummies with the flavors, colors, and other additions you crave. Flavor Combinations Are […]

Your Guide To DIY Decadent Valentine’s Day Truffles (Recipe Included!)

Buying candy for your Valentine? Don’t get lost in the truffle! Before candy prices shoot up in stores or even worse, candy cannot be found on shelves due to the busy season of love, choose to make truffles yourself. It’s so easy! Plus, making homemade candy is a heartfelt gesture that will not go unnoticed […]