2023 Food and Flavor Predictions from LorAnn Staff

As the year comes to the close, it has us very excited and interested in what is to come in the food and beverage industry. Check out 2023 predictions from our LorAnn Staff members below for the industry as well as how they feel it will impact the world of baking and confections!

Unique flavors in beverage will continue to soar. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage trends like cocktails and seltzers will dominate menus at restaurants to meet consumer’s demand for bold and interesting flavors.

Heidi Greyerbiehl, Sr. Business Development Manager

This Lavender London Fog with Vanilla Bean Sweet Cream is a delicious floral twist on the classic tea drink. The simple syrup is full of creamy, sweet, and bright lavender flavor and it is topped with a light and fluffy vanilla bean sweet cream. Get the Iced Lavender Fog Recipe here!

Pop culture, social media, tv shows, and the entertainment industry will continue to inspire new trends in baking, especially when it comes to creating elaborate desserts. The Lambeth Cake was a huge trend in the cake scene this past year due to the following of Bridgerton fans. It will be exciting to see what the social media-savvy bakers will make viral in 2023.

Mandy Robbins, Communications Manager

Use LorAnn’s Liquid Gel Food Colors to create vibrant colors for your Lambeth cakes. Get LorAnn’s Perfect Pipeable Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe here.

2023 will continue to support an explosion of flavors in donuts. The trend for limited release and underground tours will continue.

Paul Bajorek, Vice President

Light, fluffy and bursting with cotton candy sweetness, these donuts are so cosmic! The galaxy glaze is the real star of this recipe. Use LorAnn Liquid Gel Food Colors to create deep and vibrant galaxy shades. Get the recipe here!

Even in times of economic stress, consumers will still prefer and seek out companies and brands who value nutrition, social responsibility, and sustainability. I predict we will see a lot more brands in baking and confectionery who will be willing to pay a premium to obtain certifications besides organic; like upcycled, regenerative organic, gluten-free, fair trade, vegan, plant-based, and more. Up and coming brands I am particularly excited to watch are those who offer upcycled products to help reduce food waste and help limit climate change.

Mandy Robbins, Marketing Communications Manager

Lemony sugar cookie bars with subtle lavender notes makes this a perfect spring recipe. Topped with a citrus, lavender glaze. For an extra touch, top bars with dried lavender petals for an added glamour. Get recipe here. LorAnn’s Organic Lavender Oil is a food-grade essential oil that is gluten-free and steam distilled. Certified organic by USDA and is packaged in a sustainable Amber glass bottle. Shop Now. In addition to the Organic Lavender Essential Oil, LorAnn offers organic offerings for their most popular bakery emulsions and their finest vanillas. Shop Organic here.

I predict 2023 baking trends to really lean into nostalgia while at the same time incorporating a creative twist on the original. Whether that be pairing a traditional flavor in a unique application, or using a more exotic flavor in an old-fashioned recipe, I think we’ll be seeing more and more interesting combinations and creations.

Kellie Mackin, Business Development Associate

This classic dessert from the ’60s was created with an unique spin using our Rum Bakery Emulsion. The Tunnel of Fudge Cake’s big debut took place in the 1966 Pillsbury Bake Off, where baker, Ella Helfrich, entered her chocolate cake with its own fudge center and is arguably one of the main reasons for the rise in Bundt cake pan sales.

I predict that traditional confectioners will increase their use of functional ingredients as consumers increasingly look for products that offer health benefits.

Heidi Greyerbiehl, Sr. Business Development Manager

LorAnn’s candy mixes and specialty ingredients are the simplest products for professional and at home candy makers when it comes to creating their confections while meeting their needs. The Sugar-Free Hard Candy Mix is a popular item for those with special dietary concerns. LorAnn’s Preserve-It line includes functional preservatives for the professional candy maker, chocolatier, pastry chef, and serious crafter who is looking to extend the shelf life of their creations. Gummy chefs like to use Ascorbic Acid to add Vitamin C to their gummies in hopes of providing health benefits to consumers through food.

In 2023, I predict that the baking and candy making industries will continue to experiment with wild and unique flavor combinations to keep their consumers interested and looking forward to the next best thing.

Ansley Orr, Graphic Designer and Marketing Assistant

Full of flavor and freshness, these Cherry Lime Lollipops are the perfect bright and fruity confection. Using both Cherry Super-Strength Flavor and Key Lime Super-Strength Flavor creates the sweet and zesty flavor combination in hard candies and lollipops. Get recipe here.

As travel restrictions lift, global and international flavors and recipes will grab consumers’ interests to inspire innovation and provide an experience to other cultures from across the world.

Emily Harkness, International Accounts Manager

Without a doubt, this is the cutest squirrel that has ever existed. This recipe was developed in honor of the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, which is a traditional festival celebrated in Chinese culture. This Moon Cake is flavored with our Caramel Bakery Emulsion, making it a perfect cake flavor for fall.

Regarding flavor trends, 2023 will be more about spicy flavors, especially confectioners and chocolatiers that combine the sweet and spicy into their creations.

Paul Bajorek, Vice President

Can’t decide between sweet or spicy? Choose both! These Mango Tajin Gummies are the perfect balance of savory goodness with ripe, mango flavor. Using seasoning and natural herbs in confections will continue with LorAnn’s recipe development team in 2023 to create bold, spicy, and unexpected flavors!

For flavor trends, I predict professional bakers, pastry chefs, and confectioners will take plant-based to a whole new level and utilize fresh herbs like basil, thyme, rosemary, lavender buds, and other plants as their secret ingredient for adding earthy or floral flavoring into their bright and citrus based desserts and confections.

Mandy Robbins, Marketing Communications Manager

Our spin on a classic Lemon Basil Drop cocktail in cookie form. Using fresh basil and our Pure Lemon Oil or Lemon Bakery Emulsion, these cookies are bursting with citrus and spice flavors.

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