Zoe Orlando


Zoe Orlando is The Doughmestic Diva and the Owner/Creator of Chaos in Chocolate, an online based confection company specializing in custom sweets. She creates for, and caters to, events large and small all around Southern California. She is a baker, designer, and decorator who works in all mediums.  Her creations include everything from custom chocolates, decorated cookies, cakes and more.

Zoe’s Love and admiration for vintage recipes is what inspires her most in the kitchen. She loves taking a classic recipe and giving it her own spin for a modern twist. Her hope is to pull people away from the convenience of refrigerated dough and processed, pre-packaged sweets to bring them back into the kitchen where they can “Bake Some Memories”. She takes a fun-loving and easy approach to educate others in not only baking but designing and decorating as well.