How to Winterize Your Cakes

Our guest blogger, JULIE TENLEN from The Sweet Life by Julie shares one of her Sweet Little Tips.

During these long & cold winter months with our furnaces and fireplaces all in a high roar, seems everything gets a bit more dried out.  Our skin, our hair, our cakes… our cakes?!   Yes, our baked goods suffer too.  A quick & easy, security blanket for those cakes & cupcakes that may need a bit more moisture replenished after baking, is simple syrup.

A simple mixture of equal parts sugar and water, heated to boiling, dissolving all the little sugar granules.   Then brushed over your cakes and cupcakes prior to icing, will give you just that bit of moisture they may need during this time of year.


For that little something special after removing your simple syrup from the heat, you can add just a couple drops of one of your favorite LorAnn flavors or vanillas.  How about one of the coffee flavors like Keoke Coffee or Rum Bakery Emulsion, or yummy Bavarian Cream?  Pick your favorite to compliment your baked good and make it a bit more special.

Happy baking!

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