Handmade from the Heart

February 14th is just around the corner, but there is still plenty of time to show how much you really care by making your special someone a handmade gift. Did you know 35 million heart-shaped boxes of candy are sold annually for Valentine’s Day? Rather than buying a pre-made box of candy, make your own!



With our oil-soluble flavors specifically designed for use in chocolate, this project could not be easier. Try any of the following flavors in the easy Simply Scrumptious Chocolates recipe below or to flavor these deliciously decadent Chocolate Truffles .

Nutty Amaretto
Washington Cherry
Kona Coffee
Cool Crème de Menthe
Creamy Hazelnut
Irish Cream
Canadian Maple
Orange Brandy
Royal Raspberry



Simply Scrumptious Chocolates


1 package dark or milk chocolate candy wafers
1 package vanilla candy wafers
Several drops LorAnn super-strength flavoring (any flavor appropriate for use in chocolate)
Sanding sugar, optional
Dried cranberries, cherries and or nuts, optional


Lightly spray mini muffin cups with cooking spray, or line with paper liners.
Melt candy wafers in separate bowls according to package directions.
Stir in several drop flavoring of your choice, until desired taste is achieved.

For harlequin candies: Spoon melted dark or milk chocolate wafers into cups filling half-way. Once the first layer has hardened, spoon a layer of melted vanilla wafers on top and sprinkle with sanding sugar before candy is set. If drizzling with chocolate, allow second layer to harden before applying drizzle.

For fruit and nut candies: Spoon melted dark or milk chocolate wafers into cups. Top with dried fruit and nuts, if desired. Once candy is set, use a spoon to lightly drizzle with melted vanilla wafers.

More Valentine Craft Ideas

Looking for an alternative to candy? How about some handmade spa crafts made with pure essential oils like Bon Bon Bath Truffles –  cute little spa treats that add fragrance & skin-nourishing botanicals to the bath.  Another idea is to share a romantic aromatherapy massage with your Valentine.  Create a blended massage oil like this Loving Touch Blend and accompany it with a hand written ‘coupon” for a massage.

Bon Bon Bath Truffles

Or try your hand at making scented soaps.   These pretty Layered Soaps are scented with fragrance oils and made using a melt & pour soap base – easy peasy!

Easy Layered Soaps

More Inspiration

Not sure where to start? Check out some sites like Mad in Crafts  or Better Homes and Gardens for some crafty ideas & tutorials.  For culinary skills building and inspiration, many cake & candy supply shops offer hands-on classes like the ones at Orson Gigi in Salt Lake City and NY Cake in the Manhattan area.



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