8 Hot Chocolate Recipes That Wow!



Yes, the time has come to put aside the pumpkin spice lattes and reach for the true signature winter drink: hot chocolate!  Let’s be real — when it’s bitter cold outside and there seems to be more hours of darkness than sunlight in a day,  there’s nothing like a big mug of hot chocolate to warm your hands and your spirit.

As we inch closer to the first days of winter, we challenge you to ditch the hot chocolate packets and get adventurous with these must-try hot chocolate recipes. Trust us, you’ll be grateful you did!

Toasted Coconut Hot Chocolate:  This tropical twist on a classic almost makes you feel like you’re on an island in the middle of the Pacific. Almost.


Peppermint White Chocolate Cocoa: For when you want a Sno Cap in drink form. Bonus: use a candy cane as a stirrer for an extra pop of holiday spirit.


Banana Hot Chocolate: Curious George’s drink of choice! Make the recipe even easier by swapping out the bananas for ½ tsp of Banana Bakery Emulsion.


Cookie Butter Hot Chocolate: This mug of hot chocolate is thick. Like, dip-a-cookie-in-it thick. Lighten it up by using Cookie Butter Bakery Emulsion and dairy-free milk.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate: The unicorn trend is alive and well, folks. Personally, we’d add a dash of Princess Cake & Cookie Baking Emulsion to this delightfully pink cup because why not, right?


Lavender Hot Chocolate Mix: the perfect gift for your friend who won’t stop talking about their trip(s) to Europe. A little fancy, a little decadent, there’s a lot to love about this unique mix of florals and chocolate that features food-grade Lavender essential oil!


Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Drops: Hot chocolate on the go! Just add a glass of hot milk for instant coziness.


Matcha Honey Hot Chocolate: It’ll please your taste buds and your Instagram feed.


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