Score! Tips for Hosting a Winning Super Bowl Party

On February 2, the Kansas City Chiefs will meet the San Francisco 49ers to compete for the title of Super Bowl champ. Football fan or not, there’s no denying that watching the Super Bowl is a perfect excuse to get together, throw a little (or big!) party, and celebrate one of the country’s most cherished pastimes.

Whether you and your friends are on the edge of your seats to see your team win it all or to see J.Lo and Shakira deliver us a halftime show worthy of our early 2000’s dreams, these party ideas are sure to have your guests living their best, sporty lives. 

Setting the Scene

Image: Sugar and Cloth

Let the team colors dictate your color scheme to keep things easy. We’ll be honest – this is a party where the attendees will be glued to the TV, so if you’re in a pinch for time, there’s no harm in keeping decorations simple to focus on what your guests actually came for: the food (and the football, of course.)

First things first, action-packed sports + food + your furniture = a messy situation. Protect your surfaces in the splash zone with kraft paper for a trendy touch or, if you’re feeling creative, make placemats, coasters, and even table runners with a little bit of Astro turf and some paint.

A little splash of decorative detail goes a long way, but why not go the extra mile… or should we say yard? In the theme of minimizing messes, set up buffet tables with your sweet and savory dishes for easy access to food. Then, get creative with your display! A DIY garland over your tables adds a pop of color and is an easy way to add spirit to the dishes.

We couldn’t mention fun decorations without throwing some homemade lollipops into the mix. Use this quick and easy microwave method to have a few batches of helmet-shaped lollipops ready in minutes.

Serve a Spread

A Super Bowl party isn’t a Super Bowl party without a sizeable spread that includes everyone’s favorite tailgate foods! When planning your dishes, plan to have a variety of both finger foods and heartier fare (to soak up all that beer!) that can fit into your guests’ diets. Don’t stress yourself out making 20 different dishes, though – make your event a potluck and focus on making a few signature anchor dishes. Take dietary restrictions into account and offer up a spread that includes vegan and vegetarian recipes if needed! Some guaranteed crowd-pleasers to get your menu started:

Peach Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Cocktail meatball sliders – easy to make (both with meat and without) and always a hit! Try them with a peach-bourbon BBQ sauce for a twist on an old favorite.

Wings – Somehow, they’ve become synonymous with football and we don’t hate it.

Dip – If you’re having a potluck, there’s no doubt that you’ll end up with an assortment of dips, but we recommend having a vegan, one vegetarian, and a dip with meat just to make sure everyone’s covered. You can’t go wrong with hummus, queso, and a buffalo chicken dip.

Chili – Remember what we said about soaking up the beer? Chili to the rescue. 

Get a Little Sweet

In the most on-brand play, we’ve saved our favorite (and arguably the best) part for last: desserts, of course! Nothing ties together an indulgent celebration of food, drink, and sport than a well-executed dessert, and we’ve got a few ideas on how to wow your guests.


Candied Bourbon Pecans
Hot Apple Pie Dip
Pralines & Cream Brownies

Bourbon Pecans – put a few bowls of these out for your guests to nosh on throughout the game. They’ll be gone before halftime.

Apple Pie Dip – Dip can be sweet, too! Pro tip: cinnamon sugar pita chips are the perfect vessel for what’s essentially an apple pie in a bowl.

Pralines & Cream Brownies –  A truly indulgent brownie for all of the chocolate lovers at the party.

Have fun!

At the end of the day, you’re hosting a few friends to eat some casual food and watch sports. Take time from your hosting duties to join in on the action — the dishes are something to worry about after the last play of the game! 


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