March Maker of the Month

At just 10 years old, Sophia Crawford is a student, artist, junior swim coach, aspiring architect, and owner of Little Miss Sophia Sweets in Washington DC.

Sophia started out in the kitchen when she was three years old. Taught by her mother, Sophia first learned how to sugarcoat edible flowers. Her skill set quickly expanded to baking, beginning with her late great grandmother’s 7-Up Pound cake recipe.

YouTube videos on how to make candy apples piqued Sophia’s interest. With the encouragement of her mother, Sophia mastered the art of the candy apple and started her own business. As you can see, Sophia is an expert in color formulation and dipping. Her apples are flawless and packed with exciting flavors like watermelon, bubble gum, and fruit punch. After requests for a corn syrup-free option, Sophia experimented and developed her own signature recipe. Customers are now able to request the new corn syrup-free option through her website.


In addition to candy, caramel and chocolate apples, Sophia offers marshmallow pops, great grandma’s pound cake, cotton candy, and candy popcorn. While she personally favors her Cookies and Cream popcorn, Sophia’s customers can select their own favorite flavors and colors, which adds an extra special element to their celebrations.CloudySugar

Providing a 5-star, customer-centric experience is essential to this young business owner. She has earned an excellent reputation, and with that, high-profile customers like Georgetown Law School and a local event planner that has Sophia on speed-dial.



Little Miss Sophia Sweets became a part of Sophia’s home school curriculum. Being a young entrepreneur, Sophia gets daily real-world experience in problem solving, time management, marketing, customer relations, and public speaking while exercising her creative side. A feature in the news boosted orders that she seamlessly filled while balancing homework, yoga, and sewing lessons. Sophia’s drive and passion for learning and creating is utterly inspiring. To see more of her exquisite treats, visit Instagram and Facebook.


  1. Congratulations! You are a very inspiring young lady and wish you all the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

  2. So very proud of my daughter. Thank you so very much for featuring her.❤️❤️❤️

  3. i am inspired by you, and very proud of you at the same time. You do you GRANDMA AND MOTHER PROUD.

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