July Maker of the Month

Did you know the waffle cone was created in 1904 at the World’s Fair? Ice cream has evolved, but the simple signature flavor of the waffle cone remained unchanged. Kristine Tonkonow recognized the potential for more exciting options and stepped in to save us from a life of boring cones.

Gourmet ingredients, bold flavors, and daring pairings have always inspired Kristine. When she decided to tackle the stagnant waffle cone and give it a modern appeal, it was game on. Her first batch of re-imagined cones included the familiar, comforting flavors of cinnamon and brown sugar. The cone was a success and The Konery was born in 2014.


The mission of The Konery is clear; make delicious, fresh, and ingredient driven waffle cones that represent a modern and innovative twist on a classic. The Konery is not only delivering on their mission, they are changing the whole ice cream experience. Their Vegan Certified flavor selection, which includes Salted Blue Corn, Midnight Black Vanilla, Matcha, Lavender, and Gingerbread, offers a plethora of euphoric cone and ice cream combinations.


A proud Brooklyn native, Kristine has put her heart and soul into The Konery. Using inspired ingredients to create avant garde waffle cones is just the beginning. The Konery’s custom-made machinery produces fresh product daily, and allows for constant innovation. Their trademarked pattern is pressed into each cone, representing the superior quality and care that goes into the finished product. All manufacturing for The Konery takes place in Brooklyn, creating jobs for Kristine’s local community. The Konery is also a Certified Women Owned Company through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

If you own an ice cream shop and are looking to upgrade your waffle cone options, be sure to visit The Konery to view their full selection of ground-breaking flavors. If you want to create your own epicurean ice cream experience at home, visit their Find Us page to locate a retailer near you.


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