Maker of the Month: September

Inspired by an interesting article on soap making, full-time teacher, husband, and father of two boys, Matthew Kreider decided to add another skill to his resume. With plenty of stone carving and etching experience, Matthew made a trip to his local craft store, and bought his first batch of supplies.

Soap making quickly became another great way to relax, but a trip to Weaver Nut Company in Ephrata, Pennsylvania opened another door. Spotting a display of LorAnn flavors, Matthew asked the manager if they could be used for scenting his homemade soap. The store manager, Andrea, happily assisted Matthew, and found the answer he was looking for. Matthew left Weaver’s with 2 drams of watermelon flavor and went to work. As a thank you, Matthew returned to the store and shared a bar of his latest creation. The managers were so impressed with the watermelon-scented soap; they proposed the idea of selling it in their store. Turning his hobby into a business is something Matthew never considered, but several meetings about scents, packaging, and presentation later, Amish Aromas was born.


Matthew has since been successful selling his soaps at church bazaars and craft shows. Earlier this year, Shady Maple Farm Market in East Earl, PA took on Amish Aromas, creating an eye-catching display in their store. Although Matthew doesn’t have time to make Amish Aromas a full-time business right now, he looks forward to finding new outlets to offer his unique soaps.


Matthew’s proprietary blend of clear glycerin and goat’s milk helps soften the skin, but the adorable shapes and amazing aromas are the first things people notice. Some of Matthew’s top sellers include Vanilla Butternut, Cranberry Coconut, Apple Cinnamon, Canadian Maple, and Pink Lemonade. Some even have flower petals or coffee grounds for natural exfoliation. Drawing from his experience carving an etching stone, Matthew adds interesting details that make his soaps truly special.

If you are looking for a unique, artisan-made gift, be sure to check out the Amish Aromas website. Keeping things fresh with the season, Matthew offers different scents and shapes throughout the year, but he is always open to requests. If you have a such a request, just send an email to

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