October Maker of the Month

Creativity, collaboration, consistency, and community are values that started and continue to drive the success of the Webby award winning YouTube Channel, How To Cake It.    

Yolanda Gampp’s out-of-this-world artistry and the media expertise of Connie Contardi and Jocelyn Mercer were the perfect ingredients for creating addicting, highly entertaining, pop culture-filled instructional videos that prove “if you can dream it, Yo (Yolanda) will show you how to cake it.” Self-taught, Yolanda began making novelty cakes from her mother’s kitchen. Her jaw-dropping work has been featured on Good Morning America, The Chew, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, Thrillist, Chowhound, and Glamour. Don’t take our word for it, watch Yolanda create a giant bucket of popcorn, a 10 pound Popeye’s chicken sandwich, and avocado toast all made with delicious cake!

With over 4.3 million subscribers, How To Cake It is one of the fastest influencer-driven food brands online. Since the beginning, How To Cake It has expanded to include a baker’s dream of a website. Live tutorials, recipes, and game-changing tools are just a few things that will knock your socks off. The How To Cake It crew has also added some expert members like Megan Warne and Jyoti Nanra, who are more than happy to show you how to play with your food.

In her early teens, Jyoti Nanra was inspired by Rachel Ray’s “30 Minute Meals” to live happily ever after in her kitchen. Since her first attempt at chocolate peanut butter cake, Jyoti has experimented, pushed past her own boundaries, and is now teaching specialty classes, like rainbow cinnamon rolls and Fall inspired tarts. Influenced by color palettes in her day-to-day life, Jyoti teaches her students that even simple desserts can be elevated to give them a WOW factor. Jyoti encourages bakers old and new to keep learning and have fun!

Stealing raw cookie dough when her mother wasn’t looking, decorating cut out cookies during her holiday break, and Architectural design school have shaped Megan Warne into one of the most talented cookie artists around. With lots of patience and a little royal icing, Megan brings to life patterns from textiles, furniture, stationary, and interior design. Her eagerness for a good challenge shines especially bright in her tile classes. Megan teaches her students how to dissect patterns and pipe perfect lines to create cookies with intricate, complex patterns. For Megan, the best way to learn is through trial and error. Patience and practice are a must!

Feeling inspired? Be sure to check out the How To Cake It website. You will find tons of tutorials and all the gear you need to become the next great cake or cookie artist. If you have a baker in your life, you can gift them a class or two!

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