5 Delicious Drinks Using Gomme Syrup

Also known as acacia powder, gum arabic is a natural product made from the resin of acacia trees. At first glance, the tasteless, odorless, colorless ingredient, doesn’t sound as exciting as infused salt or chocolate stir sticks, but a closer look reveals an ingredient that creates pure alchemy behind the bar. 

How Does Gum Arabic Work?

Chances are, you’ve already had gum arabic a million times without even knowing it. Commercially, it’s used in food and beverages for its thickening, emulsifying, and stabilizing abilities. When hydrated with water, gum arabic transforms into a gel, which holds ingredients together, ensuring products look nice and blended on store shelves. For novice and professional bartenders, that gelling action can take your cocktail shaking to new heights.

How To Make Gomme Syrup

Gomme syrup (gum syrup), a rich simple syrup with hydrated gum arabic, became a popular bar staple for its ability to mellow out fake whiskies and booze-forward classics like old fashions. Gomme syrup balances sourness, bitterness, and adds a pleasant silky texture to cocktails and mocktails. Waiting for the gum arabic to fully hydrate takes a few hours, but trust us, it’s worth the wait. You can even pre-flavor your finished syrup for an extra impressive flair using your favorite LorAnn flavors. And, because gum arabic will prevent the crystallization of sugar, your gomme syrup will have a longer shelf-life than a standard simple syrup.

Vanilla Rum Brunch Cocktail

It’s Cocktail Time!

Move over mimosa, there’s a new brunch cocktail in town! We added our Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract to our flavored gomme syrup recipe to create a refreshing alternative to the brunch staple. The warm, comforting notes of vanilla pair perfectly with rum while fresh grapefruit and lime juices add a welcomed brightness. Check out the recipe at the end of the post!

Brunch may be a little too early for you. If that’s the case, you may be interested in a Boston Sour or a Lion’s Tail. Both are sure to give you that warm-fuzzies as you sit around the fireplace.

If mocktails are more your thing, this lavender lemonade recipe from Simply Recipes is an excellent choice year-round. Just stir 4Tbs of fully hydrated gum arabic to the hot lavender syrup until it dissolves. Let sit for 5 minutes, remove the foamy layer, and pour through strainer. You can even add a few drops of Blueberry Super Strength flavor for an extra sophisticated touch.

If you like fancy sodas, make your own Italian soda! Just add 1 Tbs of flavored gomme syrup, an ounce of seltzer water and some ice to a cocktail shaker. After giving it a good shake, pour into glass and top with 8oz of seltzer water.

With LorAnn flavors and a little gum arabic, there are no limits to how creative you get get with your drinks. Happy mixing!

Vanilla Rum Brunch Cocktail

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2oz rum

1/3oz grenadine

2/3oz fresh grapefruit juice

1/3oz vanilla gomme syrup

1/2oz fresh lime juice

Blend all ingredients with a little ice. Pour into wineglass and garnish with lime slices and maraschino cherries.


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