LorAnn Expands Premium Bakery Emulsions with Organic Offerings

As plant-based trends and sustainability are top of mind for consumers, LorAnn has responded to demand by releasing certified organic options for their finest vanillas, essential oils, and recently their premium bakery emulsions. New to their catalog this fall includes certified organic bakery emulsions, popular flavors in the baking industry including: Almond, Blueberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Strawberry, Peppermint, and Orange. LorAnn is committed to ongoing education and collaboration to help reduce waste and energy to protect our planet; and with the organic certification, LorAnn can be selective on what ingredients go into products and continue their involvement in responsible flavor sourcing to maintain environmental integrity.

“We recognize consumer tastes are changing which ultimately impacts our retailers and manufacturers as they pivot to cater to the end customer,” says Senior Business Development Manager, Heidi Greyerbiehl. “We are excited to offer these organic certified bakery emulsions so current and new customers can enjoy the quality they have come to expect from LorAnn while meeting their personal preference for organic products.”

With their mission to make professional flavors accessible for every kitchen, LorAnn offers all products in both foodservice and retail sizes. All bakery emulsion flavors, including the new, seven organic flavors, are gluten-free, low-carb, and water-based alternatives to extract flavorings. Bakery emulsions are preferred by professional bakers over alcohol-based extracts due to their robusticity. Bakery emulsions contain more intense flavor than typical extracts since they are suspended in a water base instead of an alcohol base, so that flavor will not “bake-out” when exposed to heat. With bakery emulsions, you will never have to skimp on flavor in any of your culinary creations!

Bakery emulsions are formulated as a similar strength to a baking extract (1 tsp. emulsion = 1 tsp. extract) and are ideal for flavoring all your baked goods, cookies, cakes, frostings, glazes and more. It’s important to note, bakery emulsions contain water, so they are not appropriate for use in chocolate or confectionery coatings because they will cause the chocolate to seize.

In addition to their bakery emulsion organic offerings, LorAnn also offers organic options in their Madagascar vanilla extracts and bean paste, and an organic lavender essential oil. To learn more about LorAnn’s organic product lines visit https://www.lorannoils.com/organics.

LorAnn is not only environmentally conscious when it comes to flavors, they also use sustainable packaging and internal processes to help lessen their influence. This includes shipping packages in a variety of sizes to eliminate the need for extra packing materials and packing products in recycled paper. At the home office and new production facility, LorAnn keeps energy consumption in mind and have minimized it through tactics such as programmable thermostats and LED lighting.

“Our involvement in ethical flavor sourcing and using environmentally friendly packaging accelerates our ambition for making a meaningful impact to our world,” says Director of National Sales, Troy Sprague. “From farm to kitchen, to your delicious, culinary creations, our flavorings can help create a more sustainable and promising future.”

Learn more about LorAnn’s Corporate Responsibility at https://www.lorannoils.com/corporate-responsibility.

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