Delicious and Mindful Middle-Eastern Desserts— 3 Sweets Inspired by Ramadan

All foods certified Halal, can be eaten during Ramadan, including sweets as long as they are enjoyed in moderation. Those practicing Ramadan reach for nutrient-rich foods, and many opt for natural or plant-based ingredients, so they have the energy they need to feel their best in worship.

Ramadan is a full month dedicated towards devotion and exploring gratitude, and it can also embark a month of flavor. Flavor exploration, including new or or unfamiliar flavors, can be exciting to your taste buds and may even help benefit your experience in seeking spiritual growth. Popular flavors for Middle-Eastern foods and desserts include cinnamon, pistachio, fruity and floral flavor combinations like rose and Coconut, and warm comforting flavors like Almond and Butter Vanilla.

Many of LorAnn’s products are suitable for a Halal diet. In addition, almost all of LorAnn’s products are low in sugar/low-carb, gluten-free, and certified Kosher by Star-K. LorAnn flavorings make sourcing ingredients that fit your specific diet needs convenient while not skimping on flavor in all your culinary creations.

Here are three delicious desserts we have developed so you can still enjoy a balanced-diet along with sweet delights this Ramadan.

Almond Crinkle Cake

This flaky Almond Crinkle Cake is covered with almond-flavored custard, doused in a homemade simple syrup, and topped with ground pistachios. To make this cake you can use our original Almond Bakery Emulsion or substitute with our NEW Organic Almond Bakery Emulsion if you prefer a more sustainable approach in your baking. Learn more about our commitment to the environment and practicing ethical sourcing here.

Get Almond Crinkle Cake Recipe here!

Chocolate and Coconut Halwa Truffles

Delight in heavenly Chocolate and Coconut Halwa Truffles this Ramadan! Our truffles are packed with sweet, tropical notes from our Coconut Super-Strength Flavor and dusted with cocoa powder.

Get Chocolate and Coconut Halwa Truffles here!

Saffron Coconut and Pistachio Baklava Cake

This cake consists of sweet coconut, floral notes, pistachio flavor, and more! It’s a must have dessert for all your Ramadan festivities.

Get Saffron Coconut and Pistachio Baklava Cake here!

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