Bold is Better: 2019 Flavor Trends to Look Out For


This year is the year of the aesthetic. The health aesthetic, the wanderlust aesthetic, the hygge (pronounced “hue-gah”) aesthetic.

Sure, we may have just rattled off a series of different themes that at their surface seem to have nothing to do with one another, but at their core, they represent a trend that’s sweeping the world one millennial at a time: a social media-worthy lifestyle.

In this age of technology, it’s no surprise that social media has made its way into the food industry, driving food decisions based on the lifestyle that they represent and the experiences that can be shared to networks of peers.

Trend #1: Tropical and Exotic

Pineapple Mojito Lollipops

One of the most noteworthy trends that will influence popular flavor profiles this year is the desire for exploration and travel. Global and exotic flavors will continue to be on the come up in 2019, with spicy flavors like chili, jalapeño, and ginger becoming increasingly present in juices, desserts and beverages. Additionally, exotic fruit flavors that pack a punch like guava and passionfruit are also expected to gain some momentum. While not everyone is so lucky to have a travel schedule to populate an Instagram feed with drool-worthy vacation pictures, a feed full of spicy, tropical dishes can certainly garner just as much attention!

Flavors to try:

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Trend #2: Clean Eating 

Orange Granola Bars

The trend toward choosing minimally processed food, cooking at home and finding good ingredients is on the rise.  And while healthy food and flavor (at least not good ones!) haven’t historically gone hand-in-hand, the market is changing that.

A leaning towards healthier foods means that the food industry is experimenting more with natural ingredients, like food-grade essential oils, to deliver on flavor. Citrus oils add punch to sauces and dressings, mint oils pair well with chocolate, and a drop of rosemary or thyme essential oil can elevate a sweet or savory recipe.

Food-Grade Pure Essential Oil Flavors to try:

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Trend #3: Nostalgia

Funfetti Cake Batter Bars

It may seem contradictory to, well, everything we’ve just said so far, but it’s not that farfetched to note that while people are increasingly curious about new flavors from other countries, there’s still a craving for the familiar.

This need for a sense of home and coziness is why flavors like cereal milk and seasonal favorites like pumpkin spice are still the reigning champions in the flavor world. While people are eager to constantly chase the next new novelty experience, there’s reassurance knowing that there’s a home, a place of belonging waiting for them.

In the same way that an extremely cozy bedroom, a warm glowing fireplace, or a shot of a family gathering around a table can get us to stop scrolling and reminisce on our own homes, a familiar-tasting treat can remind us of a simpler time.

Flavors to try:

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