Spring Into Cleaning With These DIY All-Natural Recipes


Spring is fast approaching! Take advantage of the last days of crummy weather by getting your spring cleaning out of the way. While Marie Kondo may have all the instructions for de-cluttering and re-organizing, we have the cost-saving and eco-friendly tips you need to make your house sparkle.

An All-Natural Cleaning Solution is a great, chemical-free alternative for scrubbing your home Spring-fresh. Vinegar is a residue-removing powerhouse, and the disinfecting power of lemon and tea tree essential oils are especially perfect for your bathroom (avoid using on wood and natural stone).

Watch the snow melt and the flowers bloom through crystal-clear windows with an All-Natural Glass Cleaner. The grease cutting power of pure orange oil will wash away the winter grime and leaves a clean, uplifting scent that says “we’ve made it through another winter.”


Feel exceptionally accomplished by cleaning your sink drain with these DIY Sink Freshening Tabs. The fizzy action will help loosen up grease while the essential oils will help get rid of foul odors. Customize the recipe using your favorite combinations. We recommend Rosemary and Peppermint, or Lemon and Thyme.


When it is finally time to trade coats and sweaters for shorts and summer dresses, make sure you pack away your winter wear with a little All-Purpose Deodorizer. A little of this magic powder added to a glass jar with a perforated lid will keep your clothes from getting musty while you’re busy barbecuing and making sand castles. This also works well to freshen carpets and deodorize shoes.


These homemade cleaning products using natural essential oils are easy to put together, and cost a fraction of what you would pay for store-bought cleaners. Get scrubbing and enjoy the warmer weather!

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