August Baker of the Month

Meet Stephanie Thomacos – mother, painter, baker, and owner of Mama’s Macs & More, Enfield, Connecticut.

farmer's market

Stephanie Thomacos grew up with a strong, creative influence. Stephanie’s mother, Sandra, is a painter, great cook, and all around master of crafts. Sandra has been lifelong artistic example that made a huge impression on Stephanie. Not only did she grow up to be a painter herself, Stephanie’s culinary ingenuity confirms talent runs in the family. 

Out of a personal love of macarons, Stephanie turned her baking focus to perfecting the finicky confection. Baking exceptional macarons is as Stephanie puts it, “a labor of love.” If you a not familiar with what a macaron is, you have been missing out on smooth, delicate, meringue-like shells filled with boundless flavor combinations. 

In April 2019, Mama’s Macs & More became official. As you can see, Stephanie’s imagination has expanded macarons far beyond the standard, round sandwich. Her homage to Bob Ross and his “happy little trees” are a perfect example of her skill and creativity.

mamas macs bob ross

When it comes to flavor, Stephanie loves to experiment, especially when chocolate is involved. Some of her current favorites are blueberry pie, and S’mores, complete with toasted marshmallow.


Recently, Connecticut passed a Cottage Law, allowing bakers to operate from their home kitchens. Owning her own business and working from home make it easier to spend time with her two young children, Oliver 2 and Chloe 1.

Farm market offering

If you would like some macarons of your own, head over to Mama’s Macs & More to place an order. Stephanie also sells her treats at Farmer’s Markets. For the month entire month of August, you will find Stephanie at Ellington. If you are lucky enough to live in the Enfield, Connecticut area, stop by between 9am and 12pm. With such an eye-pleasing and delicious selection, it won’t be easy to choose. We recommend getting one of each!


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