April Maker of the Month

Jaimie Brown heard many success stories from people who’s lives were changed by the Keto diet. Deciding to take charge of her own health, Jaimie decided to jump in with both feet.

When starting down a new path, there is nothing better than the support of someone close to you. In true girl power fashion, Jaimie’s friend Dawn hopped in for the ride. In simple terms, the Keto diet calls for high fat and very low amounts of carbohydrates. With the lack of carbohydrates, the body burns fat for fuel instead of sugar. Knowing typical sweet treats would be off the table, the two came up with a plan that would help them stay on track.

Dawn and Jaimie began their low carb journey cooking at home for themselves. Their treats quickly caught the attention of their friends and family, who wanted in on their goodies. They opened a home-based business to fulfill the requests, but demand continued to grow, encouraging the pair to open a brick and mortar location, Keto Obsessed.

Store Pic
Everything on the Keto Obsessed menu is made from scratch with lots of love and absolutely no gluten. Not only do they offer lots of tasty baked goods like Snickerdoodle cookies, banana nut muffins, and cranberry orange bread, they offer actual meals. With choices like Chicken Cordon Bleu, Tex Mex Chicken Chowder, and Cheeseburger Bake, how could anyone miss carbs?!

Both nurses, Jaimie and Dawn have been successfully navigating their way through the business world. Their to-go bakery is thriving, and they have a Facebook group dedicated to helping people stay successful on their special diet.

To see more fantastic treats, checkout their Instagram!



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