7 Items and Crafts to Create the Ultimate Easter Basket

With all that is happening in the world right now, planning for Easter is probably not top-of-mind.  Whether or not we can celebrate with a big group or simply our immediate family, we can still make it special.  One way to do this is by curating personalized Easter baskets. Here are seven items and crafts you can make for your best Easter basket yet!


DIY Homemade Scented Crayons

Coloring books now grab the interest of kids of all ages and these homemade scented crayons will make you want to pick yours up as much as possible!  Scent them with essential oils such as lemon, lavender, orange, and lime.

Pro-Tip: Grab various molds to create some fun shapes like carrots, bunnies, or even eggs.


Scented Backyard Bubbles

As the weather warms up, you might want your kids to get up and enjoy the outdoors. They are bound to love these scented backyard bubbles that will add a playful mood to any outside activity.




This playdough recipe is inexpensive and smells infinitely better than the commercial variety! Add these to your baskets as a gift, cut into shapes using cookie cutters and package in bags tied with a ribbon.


Fairy Princess Lollipop Wands

Who needs a fairy godmother when you have your wand? These enchanting DIY star lollipop wands will add some “bibbidi bobbidi” magic to Easter morning.

Pro-Tip: Larger sized lollipop sticks make for a better wand handle.


Marbleized Easter Eggs

Take this tried-and-true Easter tradition and add a new level of sophistication to your dyed Easter eggs with this marbleized technique.

Pro-Tip: Buy your eggs a week before you intend to decorate them.

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Homemade Marshmallow “Peeps”

Learn how to make this holiday favorite treat in your own home with this video from Pankobunny. This is another craft you can personalize with variously shaped molds, get creative!  If you want to flavor your peeps with something other than vanilla extract, add 1 teaspoon of your favorite LorAnn Super-Strength flavor  – cotton candy, strawberry or even strawberry-banana would make your peeps extra fun and tasty!


Succulent Vanilla Cookies

The arrival of Easter helps us officially usher in all the feels of Spring. These succulent vanilla cookies are a cute way to add some sweet floral notes to your Easter basket.

A pre-made basket might be convenient, but if you’re looking for a fun new twist and have some extra time on your hands, these items and crafts will add personalized cheer that’s bound to be remembered!


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