We Have Your Flavor Based On Your Personality Type

Have you ever wondered if you were a LorAnn Super-Strength flavor, what would that be? Read on to find out!

Just like how personalities are endless, so are LorAnn flavors. Never skip on flavor in candy making, baking, frostings and more! LorAnn’s Super-Strength flavors are 3 to 4 times stronger than typical extracts, where our 1-dram bottle is enough to flavor 1.25 lbs. of hard candy. There’s truly a flavor for everyone! Get yours below.


An old-soul who enjoys the classics. For you tradition is important and you enjoy being around close friends and family—even if some of them are a little “nutty.” When you make plans you always follow through. Even though you enjoy good company, you still enjoy your alone-time at your favorite café drinking coffee and journaling. You probably own a collection of vinyl complete with your favorite artists.


You’re the type of person that prefers the jet life over being a homebody. You love warm weather, taking in sweet sun rays and palm trees at the beach. We can find you most likely relaxing in a hammock listening to upbeat music, a chilling crime podcast or reading a romance novel. You’re a daydreamer but also know the importance of living in the moment. Losing track of time comes VERY easy to you so watch out!


Bright like the sun, you shine effortlessly and those who know you best, say deep down you have an oh-so-citrusy kick of humor! Not only are you funny, you’re loyal, gentle and selfless. Your true friends know how lucky they are to have you and can always confide in you. For you, baking is your super power! Since you know your way around the kitchen, you happily take on the task of surprising your co-workers and friends with sweet treats. And trust us, they LOVE YOU for it.


The best way to describe you is “SPICY.” You have an answer for everything, including the perfect punch line to every joke. Your bold attitude and persuasiveness makes you a born leader. Those who are indecisive like being around you because you will help make the decision for the group with no questions asked. One of your greatest qualities is that you know what you want and will never stop working until you make your dreams happen.


You’re naturally gifted in almost everything you do! In fact, when you try something new it’s as if it was “mint to be.” You’re a thrill seeker who will never back down from a challenge. Since it’s almost impossible to go outside your comfort zone, you will need someone who will balance you out when your out-of-the-box ideas may be too strong. A perfect day for you would be out in nature, followed up with an evening of camping underneath the stars.


As someone who is one-in-a-melon, you are super outgoing and friendly. You can’t stand being alone; often you find yourself in the company of a variety of different people. Since friendship is important to you, quality time is a must. Whether you are hanging out poolside, enjoying brunch on a patio, or a spa day, you can make any outing fun with the besties. Summertime is your favorite season because it’s refreshing just like you.

Cotton Candy

The life of the party! Your unique and colorful spirit makes you stand out from the rest. You prefer the lux life; from extravagant outings, designer clothes, lavish trips and Parisian desserts like macarons. Pink is your favorite color and Ariana Grande is your spirit animal. You never shy away from the spotlight, and often, girlfriends like to call you extra. And you of course take it as a compliment. Who wouldn’t?!

So, how’d we do? Spot on or not so much? These flavors are delicious and there’s more! Choose from over 70 flavors for your candy making and baking needs.

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