Get Ready for Ice Cream Season with Flavor Fountain

Versatile, professional-strength flavors and color in one easy step! LorAnn’s Flavor Fountain flavors are used in soft-serve and hard-pack ice creams, frozen yogurt, gelato, sherbet, shakes, and other frozen dairy treats. If you operate a seasonal ice cream shop or a year-round manufacturing operation, Flavor Fountain flavors will have your customers coming back for more!

Flavors That Appeal to Everyone

Speaking of customers, with so many different dietary restrictions and flavor preferences, it may seem impossible to make everyone happy without stocking lots of inventory. All Flavor Fountain flavors are gluten-free and keto-friendly. Most are Kosher Certified and vegan-friendly. And, with the exception of Texas Peanut Butter, all flavors are peanut and tree-nut allergen free. Did we mention there are over 40 delicious flavors? With options like Fruity Cereal Milk, Salted Caramel, Fresh Strawberry, Butter Pecan, and Black Raspberry, your line will be wrapped around the block!   

How to Use Flavor Fountain

Soft-Serve Ice Cream Machines –Serving up a variety of flavors has never been easier. Flavor Fountain flavors are compatible with Electro-Freeze and Wadden Systems. Simply add 1-2oz of flavor for every gallon of chocolate or vanilla base. For single serving systems, we recommend 1-2tsp per 16oz of base.

Get creative with flavors and toppings. Here are a few of our favorite combinations:

Banana Royal + chocolate chips + chunks of real banana

Blueberry Delight + lemon zest + pecans

Pistachio Nut + vanilla bean paste + fresh raspberries

Hard-Pack Ice Cream – Add Flavor Fountain to your liquid mix before churning and freezing. With our flavor and color-in-one formula, you’ll have more time to relax! Just follow the suggested usage chart below:

Batch SizeFlavor Fountain
1 Pint1-2 tsp.
1 Quart1 Tbs.
1 Gallon1-2 oz.
*Please note that New York Cheesecake and Texas Peanut Butter will require more flavor in most applications.

Flavoring Frozen Yogurt, Sugar-free, Vegan, and Other Non-Traditional Ice Cream Bases – The suggested usage table is based on a 6-8% milkfat mix. If you are working with a higher fat content mix, like custard, you may need to use more flavor. For non-traditional mixes like Frosty Product’s super creamy vegan Tahitian vanilla mix, a little experimentation may be necessary. We always recommend starting on the lower end and adding to taste. If you detect a bitter flavor, too much flavor has been added.

*Flavor Fountain flavors with little or no added color: Hawaiian Coconut, New York Cheesecake, Peppermint, Pina Colada, Butter Pecan, and Cake Batter.

Playing with Color

Color is another great way to keep your menu fresh and fun. A few of our Flavor Fountain flavors, like Cake Batter, do not contain much or any color at all, making them a perfect blank canvas for ice cream artists. Add teal or violet food color to your ice cream base at the beginning of the churning process. Once frozen, scoop and add some fun sprinkles and edible glitter for a whimsical mermaid-themed frozen treat.   

Making Ice Cream at Home

Recreate your own epicurean ice cream experience at home with our convenient 4oz size available in 13 of our top-selling flavors. You’ll love our easy to make, velvety smooth Rich and Creamy Ice Cream recipe.  Out of cream cheese? Try our even easier Easy Flavored Ice Cream recipe.

Be sure to come back next month when we teach you how to make syrups for snow cones and slushies with a special, extra sour option!

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