Easy Flavored Syrups for Slushies, Snow Cones & Shakes

Did you know that Flavor Fountain flavors can be used to make syrups for slushies, snow cones, and shakes? Whether you’re a business serving customers, or want to make a fun treat for your family and friends, Flavor Fountain flavors are the perfect choice when frosty treats and thirst-quenching drinks are on the menu.

The Benefits of Making Your Own Syrups

Commercial syrups often contain high-fructose corn syrup; an ingredient many people try to avoid. Making your own syrups using Flavor Fountain allows you to avoid the high-fructose, control the type of sweetener you use, and customize to be as sweet or sour as you’d like. Flavor Fountain flavors are also gluten-free, many of them are vegan-friendly, and all but our Texas Peanut Butter flavor are peanut and tree nut allergen-free. With our selection of flavors, you will be able to please just about any dietary restriction and flavor preference. Rather than committing to gallons of syrups, making your own can also help you control your inventory, saving you money. You can make a quart of flavored syrup for less than $1.00!

How to Make Your Own Flavored Syrup

If you will be vending at an event or are planning for the weekend rush, this recipe is perfect. It is easy to put together and our handy table gives you measurements in a range of batch sizes. When using non-fruity flavors like cake batter or salted caramel, or you plan to add the syrup to milkshakes, skip the Tart & Sour.

Batch SizeSugarWaterFlavor FountainTart & Sour
(optional, but highly recommended when using fruity flavors)
Xanthan Gum
1 Quart2 1/2 cups2 1/2 cups1 1/4 Tbsp.1 Tbsp.½ tsp
2 Quarts5 cups5 cups2 1/2 Tbsp.2 Tbsp.1 tsp
3 Quarts7 1/2 cups7 1/2 cups3 3/4 Tbsp.3 Tbsp.1 ½ tsp
1 Gallon10 cups10 cups5 Tbsp.4 Tbsp.2 tsp


  1. Start by whisking the xanthan gum into the sugar. This step will help keep the xanthan gum from clumping.
  2. Add water to to a med/large sauce pan depending on your batch size and put over low heat.
  3. Add sugar xanthan gum mixture and stir frequently until the mixture comes to a simmer and the sugar is completely dissolved.
  4. Remove from heat and pour into sanitized, heat-proof jar.
  5. Allow to cool, then add flavor and Tart & Sour.
  6. Seal with sterilized lid.

The syrup will keep for approximately 1 week when kept refrigerated. The additional of Mold Inhibitor will help extend the shelf-life if you prefer to make larger batches.

How to Make Keto-Friendly Flavored Syrup

Don’t leave out your low carb customers. Flavor Fountain flavors can be added to a simple syrup made with a sugar alternative like Swerve. Please note, sweeteners that contain erythritol don’t respond exactly the same as sugar, so you will only need to use half the amount to prevent crystallization. To make, follow the same instructions as the traditional flavored syrup.

Batch SizeSugar AlternativeWaterFlavor FountainTart & SourXanthan Gum
1 Quart1 1/3 cups2 2/3 cups1 Tbsp.   1 Tbsp.    1 1/4tsp
2 Quarts2 2/3 cups5 1/3 cups 2 Tbsp.    2 Tbsp.   2 ½tsp
3 Quarts4 cups8 cups3 Tbsp.    3 Tbsp.   3 3/4tsp
1 Gallon5 1/3 cups10 2/3 cups4 Tbsp.  4 Tbsp.    4tsp

Using Your Flavored Syrup

Snow cones- For a single serving, top packed snow with 3 Tbsp. of flavored syrup. For an extra sour kick, fill small spray bottle with 1/2 cup of flavored syrup and 1 extra Tbsp. of Tart & Sour. Mist over snow cone before serving. If you are in your home kitchen, you can easily make your own snow by throwing some ice cubes in your blender.

Slushies – Many commercial slush machines will have specific water:sugar ratio requirements. Be sure to consult your manufacturer guide to determine if additional water is needed before adding syrup to your machines. When making slushies at home, add a handful of ice, 3 Tbsp. of flavored syrup, and 2 Tbsp. of water to your blender, and blend on high until all the ice is smooth. Add more flavor if desired.

Flavored Milkshakes – Whether making milkshakes in a commercial setting or at home, we recommend adding 3 Tbsp. of flavored syrup for every serving. One of our favorite combinations is Salted Caramel flavored syrup with vanilla bean ice cream.

Popsicles – Simply pour the syrup right into the molds and freeze! These popsicles have lots more flavor than the average store-bought version and you can make whatever size and shape you like!

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