Cotton Candy Recipes To Awaken Your Summer Senses

Evoke sweet summertime memories—like a day at the carnival or county fair with these cotton candy flavored recipes! These flavorful and fanciful recipes will have you reminiscing mesmerizing Ferris Wheel lights, never-ending merry-go-round rides, or even trips to the lake with family and friends. Scroll down to bring nostalgia into the kitchen and awaken your summer senses!

Using LorAnn’s Cotton Candy Super-Strength Flavor is the secret to bringing these recipes to life. No matter the flavor, LorAnn’s Super-Strength flavors are 3-4 times stronger than traditional extracts, meaning they pack a powerful punch in a variety of delicious ways!

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Pretty-In-Pink Rice Crispy Treats

Upgrade your crunchy, marshmallow goodies with a dreamy “pink-a-licious” color and flavor.

Cotton Candy Cloud Cookies

You’ll be dreaming of cotton candy clouds, prismatic kaleidoscopes, and the colorful blur of a carousal with these soft and chewy shortbread sugar cookies. Use LorAnn’s pink and teal food coloring to resemble fluffy clouds.

Cotton Candy Pinwheel Cookies

These simple sugar cookies with lighter-than-air, cotton candy flavoring, is your ticket to summer.  

Flavored Cotton Candy Sugar

Create your own flavored sugars for cotton candy! With over 100 Super-Strength flavors, the possibilities are endless!

Cotton Candy Milkshake

Make a milkshake in a matter of minutes with vanilla ice cream, heavy cream, and cotton candy flavoring. For an adult spin (because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere), add a little bit of Vodka for a boozy, hard milkshake.

Colorful Cotton Candy Apples

These apple treats are a colorful, fun twist to candy apples.

Cotton Candy Poke Cake

Add a whimsical touch to the classic poke cake.

Cotton Candy Sugar Cookies

Photo Cred: Posh Little Designs

Bite-sized gluten free sugar cookies from Blogger, Posh Little Designs, both the dough and royal icing is flavored with cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Fudge

Photo Cred: The Tip Toe Fairy

We love this quick and easy recipe from The Tip Toe Fairy. Use LorAnn’s Teal Liquid Food Coloring to color the fudge a bright and bold blue hue.

Maxed-Out Cotton Candy Cupcakes

Photo Cred: Cooking Classy

According to Welcome to Cooking Classy™, “These cupcakes are worthy of a fairytale!” Enjoy these soft and fluffy vanilla cupcake topped with a sweet cotton candy flavored buttercream frosting, and maxed-out with a mini cotton candy lollipop stick.

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