8 Flavorful Breakfasts to Wake Up your Tastebuds

The long summer days we’ve been pining for are finally here! More hours of daylight make it possible to fit work and play in a single day. These quick and easy breakfasts are full of flavor and will help give you energy that lasts from sun up to sundown.

Best Green Smoothie

This six ingredient super smoothie is packed with vitamin-filled fruits and veggies. The ingredients can easily be swapped out for whatever fruits, veggies, and Flavor Fountain flavors you have on hand, and it’s also a great way to use up any extra produce. Say GOODBYE to food waste!

Fresh Berries with Cream

The lemon whip from this recipe literally melts in your mouth and is an indulgent spin on the way you enjoy fresh berries. Make this homemade dip the delicious centerpiece on the fruit tray at all of your upcoming summer festivities and make guests more excited to eat their fruits!

Easy Peasy Chia Pudding

Photo cred: eatingbirdfood.com

Breakfast doesn’t get any easier than chia pudding.  Simply combine your chia seeds, milk of choice, and sweetener in a jar…and voila!  That’s not even the best part. Chia pudding takes on the flavor of whatever you mix it with, including fruits, juices, and *ahem* extracts.  As if we needed another excuse to try more LorAnn flavors. 

We tested this recipe with our Melon Super-Strength and the results were Mmmmm-azing! We recommend using two tablespoons of honey and 1/8 teaspoon of your favorite LorAnn Super-Strength flavor.

Make Ahead Mocha Granola

Granola is full of fiber and sooooo versatile, including how you flavor it!  Eat it like cereal in a bowl of milk, mix it into your favorite yogurt, or just eat it plain. When it comes to flavor, personalize this recipe with your favorite bakery emulsion flavors to make it unique to you. In this recipe, The Wholistic Woman uses our Coffee Bakery Emulsion and Princess Cake and Cookie Bakery Emulsion

Strawberry Shortcake Overnight Oats

If your mornings are crazy or you’d rather get a few more minutes of shut eye than make breakfast, this recipe is for you.  Mix it together before bed, set it in the fridge, grab in the morning and go!  The fiber-filled oats will keep you feeling satisfied for hours and give you the fuel you need to conquer the day, and the divine combo of strawberry and vanilla will taste more like a decadent dessert than a nutritious breakfast.

Super Food Granola Bar

Made with an assortment of nuts, seeds and whole-grain oats for a bar that’s packed with fiber and protein. The citrus tasting notes in this granola from our Super-Strength Orange Oil is a crowd-pleaser. Adding whole-grains to your diet is so important because they deliver many nutrients and support healthy digestion.

Very Berry Power Bowl

You don’t always have to drink your smoothie from a straw; enjoy in a bowl! This gorgeous and protein-filled masterpiece contains bold blueberry flavor. The main ingredient, low-fat greek yogurt, is filled with calcium and protein which may help overall bone health and aid in osteoporosis prevention.

DIY Flavored Coffee Creamer

Give your morning brew a boost with homemade coffee creamer. Create your dream coffee cream by adding your favorite Super Strength flavor to some regular and condensed milk, then just shake and pour!

What’s your favorite better-for-you breakfast recipe?

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