Spooky Halloween Recipes that Scream #SquadGhouls

Here at LorAnn we are so into fall and we “Hallow-mean it!” These easy and tasty treats below cover all the bases for a spooktacular night, but beware, these recipes are frighteningly delicious. Go ahead and scroll, but remember you were warned!

Candy Corn and Pumpkins Chiffon Cake Pops

Flavored with our Pumpkin Spice Bakery Emulsion and colored with our Liquid Gel Food Coloring, these adorable candy corn and pumpkin chiffon cakes are light and airy and full of pumpkin flavor! Fluffy, fun, and filled with a sweet surprise, they are the perfect treats to enjoy this fall.

Perfect Pipeable Swiss Meringue Buttercream for Pumpkin Lambeth Cake

Made with LorAnn’s Butter Vanilla Bakery Emulsion and NEW Coral and Lime Green Liquid Gel Food Coloring, this Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe will sweeten and brighten up all your creations. Put your piping skills to the test and create a fall-inspired Lambeth cake for all of your autumn celebrations!

Maple Candy Apples

Trust us, your kitchen will smell like warm, buttery syrup when making these candied apples from Heather Baird of the SprinkeBakes. Once the candy coating dries, hit the apple gently with a small hammer, or other blunt object to create the gothic, glass-shattered look approved by Edgar Allen Poe.

Zombie Macarons

These Zombie Macarons were made by Kim Haines of Crème Macarons using our Green Apple Super Strength. Using the Food Network’s Simple Macaron Recipe, she created her own thrilling spin!

Halloween Gummy Candies

These gummy candies are bat-tastic and are simple to make! Customize them using different molds, flavors, and food colors.

Skeleton Lollipops

With a face like this skeleton, we can’t say it’s bone-chilling, but we like a little cute with our scares too! It is so easy to bring your skelly to life with any flavor using our Super Strength flavors and round lollipop mold.

Pumpkin Toffee

These toffee bars from Eazy Peazy Mealz will be your next disappearing act at your festivities thanks to bold, pumpkin spice flavor and crunchy, roasted pumpkin seeds. Don’t be surprised when the cookie tray goes empty and All Hallows’ Eve has just begun.

Pumpkin Spice Mudslide

It’s no trick, adults can’t enjoy treats on Halloween too! This “BOOzy” cocktail is a delicious mix of classic mudslide ingredients with a pumpkin pie twist.

Witch better have my candy! No magic spell needed, you can make your own candy at home with our assorted Halloween themed candy molds. Shop here!

What are your plans for Halloween? Share with us in the comments!


  1. Trick or treating was canceled for the kiddos so we are dressing up anyways and making a candy scavenger hunt around the house and yard, carving pumpkins and having a fire.

  2. For Halloween this year I’m doing something completely different because in 2020 everything is upside down! Mind Oasis is doing the first annual Moonlight Meditation. We’ll start with a meditation and then have some spooky 🕷 fun, including a costume contest, silent auction, prizes, and a dance party 🎶. All online with a fun group of people. Join us? Hope I win this cool prize pack so I can tell everyone – or maybe LorAnn will donate a prize pack to the silent auction (need to know ASAP – the auction is open now but the actual product can be sent later)


  3. We can’t trick or treat sadly so we are having a Mexican day of the dead party tho we wish we could have some Halloween cheer I think I will make those Lollipops 😂

  4. We are having a small party for 7 kiddos! We’ll be decorating pumpkin sugar cookies with flavored royal icing. Candy apples will be a definite! Might consider the macarons you posted as I’m really trying to work on my macaron making!
    Happy Halloween 🎃

  5. No trick or treaters this year but I’m still decorating for the holiday. And making some candy for my co-workers!

    1. We will be dressing up, having a fire pit at the end of the driveway, and visiting a few neighbors- distanced with masks(+our costume masks)

  6. We will have a calm evening at home, enjoying some Halloween shows and baking goodies with our daughter.

  7. I’m probably going to spend the day marathoning Halloween movies/TV specials and pigging out on various Halloween treats (cookies, candy, you name it)! I may or may not also wear my Jack Skellington kigurumi in lieu of an actual costume for comfort reasons.

  8. We’re decorating outside, but no trick or treaters this year. Staying home, safe and watching scary stuff on TV

  9. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. Hopefully it will be cool enough here in Florida to have a nice fire and watch the full blue moon.

  10. I will be spending Halloween with a group of first to third graders. With no trick or treating we will be trying to give these children a fun day.

  11. Will social distant with trick or treaters by leaving treats at the end of my carport for kiddos to take.

  12. Going to try to make the best of it. We never have any trick-or-treaters anyway. But I have recently discovered the wonderful world of flavors here and will be experimenting with baking and candy making!

  13. Looking forward to my first costume parade at school in many many years. Also to dressing up with other teachers.

  14. Halloween birthday party for my 9 year old granddaughter. Looking forward to making Halloween food and treats!

  15. At this point, we may trick-or-treat down our street only. Also, the moon will be full…on Halloween… sooooo I’m thinking it would be fun to dance around under the full moon at midnight and make midnight margaritas!!! 🖤

  16. There are a few places that are doing drive by trick or treat so hopefully I can go with my grandson to that. If I win the giveaway, then maybe my grandson and I can make some ghoulish treats!

  17. I’m doing a virtual baking fundraiser for a local nonprofit. I’m here 👀 for the 👻🎃 treat recipes to use with my Lorann Oils.

  18. I’ll be making some ghoulish delights, flavored with the latest order from LorAnn Oils! And our course, anything pumpkin-spice flavored!

  19. My husband and I are going to watch scary movies and made spooky dinner (veggie meatloaf skulls, spider web mashed potatoes casserole, and garlic bread mummies)! I might candy apples for the first time!

  20. Hiding candy everywhere, in the house, in the yard and watching the niece and nephew anarchy from the porch. Being an auntie, great auntie, and great great auntie is grand <3

  21. I will be getting my frights from a drive through haunted house with spooky stories at the end.

  22. Going to be making some delicious sweet potato scones and jazzing them up using LORANN’s Cinnamon Roll super strength flavor, and, my all time favorite, that I use in almost all my baking recipes…Buttery Sweet Dough Bakery Emulsion!

  23. I plan on making some delicious sweet potato scones, and bumping up the flavor using Lorann Cinnamon Roll Super Strength along with my all time favorite baking necessity, Buttery Sweet dough Baking Emulsion! I use this emulsion in so many recipes…its a must have in my Lorann collection.

  24. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I go all-out. I used to do an 8-room haunted house in my driveway. The last couple years I had to scale back, so I took the decorations and used them around my house, leaning towards a vintage-y gothic decor for October. Then it’s back to fall! For Halloween, I’m going to attach a PVC pipe to the front porch rail and slide candy down in decorative packs.

  25. Don’t have many trickers but this will make it a memorable day for them. Thanks for the ideas.

  26. small party for kids at family members house. Gonna make candy apples for first time. Popcorn balls and cookies. Lorann has great products! Hope to win, can add lollipops to the menu!!

  27. Spending the day with the grandkids at an at home party. Not comfortable taking them out this year!

  28. we’re visiting our daughter and son in law, their 2 boys (our grandsons) thru Halloween. We’ll drive over to trick or treat at relatives homes and be home to make it extra special in the evening with a small party. There is no trick or treating in their neighborhood this year

  29. We are going to make lots of Halloween treats with the family, play music, games, and watch “Its the Great Pumpkin Carlie Brown”.

  30. Taking my grandkids to some sort of trick or treating…maybe trunk or treat in town. Then relaxing and watching a Halloween movie with my hubby while having a warm beverage! 🎃

  31. We are chocolate makers so our Halloween is probably going to be spent making bars and sharing pairing ideas with customers who are low key celebrating!

  32. I am setting up a table out in front of the garage with bagged candy and sitting in my rocking chair a safe distance away to greet trick or treaters with my flashlight lit scary face.

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