Tips For Creating An Epic Home Theater Experience

Since we are all staying in these days, we have to find ways of enjoying our favorite activities at home, like going to the movies. Build your own theater, whip up some delectable snacks, and roll the film! Need some inspiration? We’ve got some great ideas that will ensure your viewing experience is a blockbuster success.

The Box Office


What to watch? There is a plethora of great streaming services for all your binge watching desires. If you don’t have access to a streaming service, many local libraries offer free services like Hoopla and Kanopy, that allow you to borrow several titles each month using your library card.

If you miss going to the movies with your friends, set up a Netflix Party and send out some invites! With Netflix Party, everyone logs in to watch the same movie or show. A comment feed on the side of the screen makes it possible to chat throughout. This feature is especially important when watching jaw-droppers like Tiger King.

Setting The Scene

Blanket Tent

Unlike going to a real theater, you are in complete control your viewing environment. What better time to set up a plush blanket fort complete with custom lighting?! If you are lucky enough to have warm weather, setup outside and get some fresh air. Don’t want to go through the trouble? Throw on your favorite pair of pajamas (if your not already wearing them), and set yourself up with your favorite blanket.



At home, you can easily make your own snacks that are far cheaper and you don’t have to dig for your ticket stub when you go for a refill!

Try making your movie theater style popcorn with this excellent recipe from recipetineats. For sweeter options, try our Crunchy Caramel Corn or Poppin Pink Watermelon Popcorn. If you prefer your popcorn in cupcake form, add a little Buttered Popcorn flavor to your favorite buttercream recipe, and pipe onto some vanilla cupcakes.

Do you have a raging sweet tooth? Recreate popular theater candies like Junior Mints and Twizzlers. For an upscale experience, try Millionaire’s Shortbread flavored with Irish Cream. It’s taste like a Twix, but better.

You’ll definitely need something to wash down those snacks. Make your own Cherry Slushy or, for the adults, a Watermelon Mojito. If you like a lighter, more subtle beverage, try making your own flavored sparkling water or DIY White Claw.

Going with a theme is another fun way to make movie night memorable. Pair your snacks with the movie or show you are watching. You can even get dressed up like your favorite characters!

Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy some of our favorite activities, we just have to get creative. Share your movie night photos on Facebook.


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