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How to Make FLAVORED Hot Chocolate Bombs—Better Than the Original Recipe

It’s been the year of Tiger King, virtual concerts, TikTok dances, and now as we enter the final home stretch of 2020, we have HOT CHOCOLATE BOMBS to add to the list of our obsessions. Just like the 2018 “Lime invasion,” when thousands of bright green scooters appeared across the country overnight, these chocolate spheres […]

Easy DIY Lip Gloss Tutorial Literally Anyone Can Make

The holiday season is here, which means DIY gift ideas are flooding Pinterest feeds. Homemade gifts are personalized and thoughtful gestures for your BFF squad, and they are a great way to spark your creativity; especially now we are staying home more often. Homemade lip gloss businesses on Etsy have taken off in quarantine and […]

Heavenly Fall Favorite Desserts You Will Want to Make NOW

Holiday baking season is officially here, making it an exciting time at LorAnn because we love seeing what our customers and employees create to celebrate the cooler temps and the color change. Warm, comforting notes of vanilla fill our minds and taste buds when we think of fall baking and enjoying weekends at home covered […]